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A package to get the ip address of the current device. Uses to get the system IP.

"RFC 5849: The OAuth 1.0 Protocol" client implementation for Dart.

An graphql link for token refresh. Built on top of package:graphql and manages authentication tokens transparently.

Dart client-side API package for API (

A plugin that allows you to pick animated GIF images from Giphy.

An unofficial, platform independent, client for the Unsplash API. Unsplash provides royalty-free images.

A Flutter plugin for handling Connectivity and REAL Connection state in the mobile, web and desktop platforms. Supports iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Linux and macOS.

Request and Write Reviews and Open Store Listing for Android and iOS in Flutter.

SVG - Robust rendering of Scalable Vector Graphic images, supporting a well-defined profile of SVG and a fast-loading binary storage format.

Flutter localization in easy steps, simple ways to localize and translate your app

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