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Flutter library for interacting with OAuth2 servers, with classes for transparent authorized requests, secure OAuth token storage, automatic token refeshing.

Flutter package for direct link extractor from URL to stream and download directly.

Decode Exif metadata from digital image files. Supported formats: tiff, jpeg, HEIC

A weather plugin for fetching current weather and forecasting via the OpenWeatherMap API. Works for both Android and iOS.

A Backend-Driven UI toolkit, build your dynamic UI with json, and the json format is very similar with flutter widget code。

Appwrite is an open-source self-hosted backend server that abstract and simplify complex and repetitive development tasks behind a very simple REST API

A platform-independent HTTP client API supporting browser, console, and curl (for SOCKS proxy).

A dart:io HttpServer wrapper that handles requests from multiple servers.

High level idiomatic Dart API for Google Cloud Storage, Pub-Sub and Datastore.

A package to get the ip address of the current device. Uses to get the system IP.

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