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A simple web scraper to scrape HTML tags and their attributes to cast them into Lists and Maps for dart and flutter.

Flutter library for interacting with OAuth2 servers, with classes for transparent authorized requests, secure OAuth token storage, automatic token refeshing.

A shelf handler for proxying HTTP requests to another server.

Auto-generated client libraries for accessing Google APIs described through the API discovery service.

Package to make Geocode requests. It exposes two methods to translate coordinates into locations and addresses into coordinates.

A Flutter package to verify emails using OTP based method, to make sure we get real world data.

Appwrite is an open-source self-hosted backend server that abstract and simplify complex and repetitive development tasks behind a very simple REST API

Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) library supporting JWE, JWS, JWK and JWT

A dart library for extracting metadata on web pages such as OpenGraph, Meta, Twitter Cards, and Structured Data (Json-LD)

Dart http middleware for HTTP Basic and Digest authentication

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