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This package allows you to use simple HTML and inline CSS styles to style your text in flutter. A fork of css_text package.

Show Tweets from a Twitter API JSON on Android and iOS. Support for Tweets with 1-4 photos, Video, GIFs, hashtags, mentions, symbols, urls, quoted Tweets and retweets.

The easy & flexible way to use interactive maps in Flutter. Inspired by Leaflet.js.

Rich Text renderer that parses Contentful Rich Text JSON object and returns a renderable Flutter widget tree

Flutter package for Google Sign-In built in dart and support both Mobile and Desktop environments.

Flutter API for google cloud translation - translate to given language.

DOM rich elements and tools for CSS, JavaScript, Element Tracking, DOM Manipulation, Storage, Dialog and more.

Board Game Geek XML API client (version 2) This package was inspired by bgg.dart package, which works with first version of BGG API.

Flutter core package used by Tomas Chyly & Contains common functionality to get started faster & consistently.

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