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An graphql link for token refresh. Built on top of package:graphql and manages authentication tokens transparently.

Simple, opinionated, codegen library for GraphQL. It allows you to generate serializers and client helpers to easily call and parse your data.

Easily connect to your GraphQL backend using the graphql package.

Nhost authentication and file storage/retrieval APIs for the Dart language.

Clean Architecture components library, inspired on the guidelines created by Uncle Bob.

A GraphQL client for Flutter, bringing all the features from a modern GraphQL client to one easy to use package.

Fuse wallet core Dart library to interact with Ethereum based networks and APIs.

BLOC wrapper over `graphql_flutter` streams with improved state handling.

A new Flutter package which provides help in creating a mobile app of a shopify store.

Dart lib for duniter cryptography, useful to integrate Ğ1 libre currency to your app

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