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A bridge package between google_sign_in and googleapis_auth, to create Authenticated Clients from google_sign_in user credentials.

Authorization Library Package to log into Google, Facebook, or by Username and Password.

A service class that provides Firebase Authentication Functionality on a single api

Flutter package for Google Sign-In built in dart and support both Mobile and Desktop environments.

A Dart/Flutter package for authorization & authentication, includes SMART on FHIR and Google sign-in


Mocks for Google Sign In. Use this package with `firebase_auth_mocks` to write unit tests involving Firebase Authentication.

Flutter package to work with Google My Business API. Simplifies communication & interaction with GMB API endpoints.

UI library built on top of firebase services

Third Party Login is simple way to sign-in with different types of third party login systems.

Messaging app for Flutter android , iOS and flutter-web using firebase as backend services.

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