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A fast, extra light and synchronous key-value storage written entirely in Dart

An expandable Flutter widget list where each item can be expanded or collapsed simply by clicking on the header.

A package that contains some default implementations of services required for a cleaner implementation of the Stacked Architecture.

A search page built for minimal work and good performance. Enjoy.

A light-weight and highly customizable SVG graphic set for Flutter which generates avatars and provides a Customizer Widget, personalized CircleAvatar and other utility functions.

A package of widgets and utils to make flutter easy and smart.

A new Flutter plugin for merge List of PDF files. It supports both android and IOS. Before call this package make sure you allow permission and file picker see example.

A Flutter Package that implemented firebase services with getx package.

Create GetX Controllers with Events and/or States, instead using Provider as the bloc library uses, GetBloc uses GetX.

ImageCaptureField is as easy-to-use as a TextField which works with it's own controller to take image input with inbuilt optional image cropper

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