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Utilities to work with geojson data. Parser with a reactive api, search and geofencing

A map controller for Flutter map. Manage markers, lines and polygons.

A map widget with live position updates. Provides a controller to manage the map state.

A map to handle real time location updates for multiple devices. Automatic devices network status management

Handle real time location data. Get structured Geopoint data from Geolocator

Data model for a device with various fields and geographical positions data

Draw geospatial information on a map. Marker, line and polygon pickers are available

Dart client for the Traccar geolocation server. Get real time devices positions from a Traccar server.

Geospatial timeseries analysis. Provides a GeoDataFrame object

Sql operations for geospatial data. Admin view for geopoint and geoserie.

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