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A Flutter OAuth package for performing user authentication against Azure Active Directory OAuth2 v2.0 endpoint.

KkiaPay allows businesses to safely receive payments by mobile money, credit card and bank account.

This plugin simplify the MyFatoorah payment platforms integration with your app, that works smoothly and provide you a simple way to embed our payment functions within your app.

Play YouTube, Vimeo by YouTube ID and Vimeo ID without an API

Plugin that allows Flutter to use Iamport payment and certification functions.

Flutterwave's Rave Card Processing Plugin. Completely supports Android and iOS.

This is Widget for Slack login. You can provide Slack login feature by set it to your parent Widget simply. As result, you will get access_token from callback you specified.

Flutter Package to login and get Profile Details from linkedin

simple plyr for play youtube inline. This is most stable and less control than other available packages.

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