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A simple way to access state from anywhere in your application while robust and testable.

An address search field which helps to autocomplete an address by a reference. It can be used to get Directions beetwen two points.

A flutter package for displaying and releasing images from memory.

Clean Architecture components library, inspired on the guidelines created by Uncle Bob.

help to use shared_preferences with riverpod.

Riverpod implementation of infinite_scroll_pagination, this package allows to use infinite_scroll_pagination with Riverpod abstracting away the complexity

This package brings back and for riverpod

CRUD Table Flutter is a package for crating CURD-UI for your entity/object/class easily. It consists of a Lazy loading function, resizable columns, and integrated CRUD Form.

Switch the status and navigation bars styles when the platform theme changes.

Explore the render tree of a Flutter app in 3D, through an exploded representation.

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