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A simple way to access state from anywhere in your application while robust and testable.

MapboxAutocompleteSearchWidget is a flutter package that allows you to search for place name in a autocomplete fashion.

Package that supports Flutter states and their transitions using the Model Nofifier package and the Katana Routing package.

App state, routing and other shared patterns for Code Collective flutter projects

Package that makes it easy to define ValueNotifier as a model and improves the affinity with riverpod and freezed.

ModelNotifier package for Firebase. When you listen in Firestore, you can tell riverpod and others about the update.

Useful functionality, widgets, and more shared between all Inqvine products

Package that defines a base class for modularization.

A new Flutter package project.

Widget to implement pagination, works with Android and Web. Paginated ListView has two required parameters itemBuilder and service. The itemBuilder parameter builds widgets using the items/data in the

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