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Alice is an HTTP Inspector tool which helps debugging http requests. It catches and stores http requests and responses, which can be viewed via simple UI.

This flutter package is made to merge between firebase_messaging package and flutter_local_notifications

This package helps developers create local notification in flutter, it extends the flutter local notification package and tries to make usage more simple and user friendly.

Flutter Framework for Applications using the MVC Design Pattern

A statefull widget to initialize and handle Firebase messaging notifications, using a IndexedStack to keep app state.

The school affairs(AP) series shares the engineering kit, rapid development of the school affairs series(AP) app

Provider prebuilt services and components to help reduce boilerplate code and build a Flutter app as fast and simplest way.

A Pam Flutter SDK

Push notifications with the provider chosen by the user.

Displays notification with default ringtones & alarm, sets custom ringtones.

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