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Flutter plugin for playing or streaming inline YouTube videos using the official iFrame player API. This plugin supports both Android and iOS.

HTML rich text editor for Android, iOS, and Web, using the Summernote library. Enhanced with highly customizable widget-based controls, bug fixes, callbacks, dark mode, and more.

Flutter port of the official YouTube iFrame player API. Supports web & mobile platforms.

Kpostal package can search for Korean postal addresses using Kakao postcode service. This package is inspired by Kopo package that is discontinued.

My Fatoorah Payment SDK Integration works for android and ios

Connect with Crisp Chat, register a user to chat (or not) and render a chat widget.

Invoquez le guichet de paiement de CinetPay, effectuez un paiement et attendez le statut du paiement initié à la seconde près après la fin du paiement.

A collection of in app purchase Paywall as a UI library. Also handles Purchase success state. Currently only subscriptions are supported. Made by

Flutterwave's official library that wraps the standard implementation.

WYSIWYG editor for Flutter with a rich set of supported formatting options.

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