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Flutter plugin to play audio in the background while the screen is off.

A package to show Native PDF View for iOS and Android, support Open from a different resource like Path, Asset or Url and Cache it.

Displaying PDF from Network, File and assets easily like we display Image in Flutter Widget.

Display stories just like Whatsapp & Instagram. Can be used inline/inside ListView or Column just like Google News app. Comes with gestures to pause, forward & go to previous page.

Flutter library to load and cache network images. Can also be used with placeholder and error widgets.


An avatar widget that uses the best available data source among those provided (social images, gravatar, name initials, custom)

Display stories (videos and images) like Whatsapp & Instagram.

A flutter package project which contains a collection of OpenCV modules.

A flutter plugin for handling PDF files. Works on both Android & iOS

A flutter plugin to enable music playback with the native iOS and Android control centers.

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