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Flutter package for Firebase remote configuration in Mobile and Web. Wraps the Firebase remote config package for mobile and the Firebase package for web.

Integration i18n with Remote Config. The package help you implements remote config. The objective is create redundance your application, if remote config failure the package return your local json.

App wide feature flag manager utilizing the power of Firebase Remote Config.

Works with Flutter Remote Config plugin to retrieve an array of values from a typical Firebase project's Remote Config settings.

A new Flutter package project.

Set of methods/extentions for firebase that makes using framework in a much easier and clean way also adds additional functionality

Control your application's resources (strings ,images) remotely using firebase and out of the box by extending your current implementation.

A platform interface for the firebase_remote_config_hybrid plugin.

ap_common for firebase instructure

A new Flutter package to use firebase analytics,crashlytics and remote config.

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