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Stream Chat official Flutter SDK. Build your own chat experience using Dart and Flutter.

HTML rich text editor for Android, iOS, and Web, using the Summernote library. Enhanced with highly customizable widget-based controls, bug fixes, callbacks, dark mode, and more.

A flutter package for easily and consistently showing material themed picker dialogs.

Select, open, choose or pick documents, images videos or other files on Android, iOS, the desktop and the web for reading, writing, use as String, byte list or HTTP uploads.

A package simplifying the process of creating user friendly forms in Flutter

the best app chat sdk in china, you can chat with the agent freely at anytime. the agent can chat with the visitor by web/pc/mac/ios/android client.

FilePicker Field for flutter_form_builder package. Used to select files as part of form input.

A Flutter plugin project for onboarding any @‎sign in @‎platform apps with ease. Provides a QRscanner option and an upload key file option to authenticate.

Collection of shared utility functions

A TextButton that will open a file picker and parse the CSV.

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