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Flutter widget that provides simple calculator. You can easily integrate a calculator to your apps.

An authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC.

Bones_UI - Simple and easy Web User Interface Framework for Dart

Parses and formats ICU Message strings. Formats strings in multiple languages.

Transforms text by taking capture groups matched by a [RegExp] and outputting them as plain text and/or evaluating them as expressions, as defined by an output template.

TecfyCode package is a Flutter client version for Tecfy Core platform built for Tecfy Company projects

A simple functional programing language for creating automatization instructions like work with media files, text files and others

Generate model class from Json file. partly inspired by json_model.

Print Lib

JavaScript Flutter Framework,Using mxflutter lib, you can use JavaScript to develop flutter or use Dart to develop and compile to JS.

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