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Quick, familiar and extensible forms in Flutter. No magical configuration required. Comes with form widgets, error text and many validation rules.

Various constructs inspired by the Rust programming language.

Fakes for Firebase Auth. Use this package with `google_sign_in_mocks` to write unit tests involving Firebase Authentication.

Annotations for codegenerator 'autoequal_gen' to simplify work with 'equatable'. It will generate 'List<Object> props' priviate extensions for all annotated classes.

Flutter widget for view EPUB documents on on Web, MacOs, Android and iOS. Based on dart-epub package.

Use the NewsApi v2 service in Dart. The library has a clear return structure and an easy-to-use API.

A Flutter plugin to retrieve, create and save contacts and contact-related events on Android and iOS devices.

A flutter package that helps you to visualize sine waves as you desire. All basic waves are already supported, plus customized waves & some pre-defined waves.

Unofficial community SDK to interact with the Algorand network, for Dart & Flutter

Contentful Delivery API client for Dart. This Dart package is a small abstraction on top of the Contentful Delivery API.

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