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IMAP, POP3 and SMTP for email developers. Choose between a low level and a high level API for mailing. Parse and generate MIME messages. Discover email settings.

A simple state manager, states now are simple to reach, easy to save and restore.

PubNub SDK v5 for Dart lang (with Flutter support) that allows you to create real-time applications

A wrapper for Sembast and SQFlite to enable easy, local and secure storage of fhir resources

Flutter shared preferences customized plugin. Secure, Encrypted, Simplified use, Simple key-value pairs storage.

A Flutter storage solution somewhat similar to a browser's localStorage (but super powered)

FileCryptor is for encryption and decryption files. (PDF, MP3, MP4, PNG, ...)

The Flutter SDK for Sendbird Chat brings modern messenger chat features to your iOS and Android deployments..

at_client is the Client SDK which provides the essential methods for building an app using the @protocol.

Walf is a secure and fast key-value based database based on JSON. It uses Salsa20 encryption algorithm for Walf security.

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