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collection of validation methods and rules for flutter form with ZERO extra widgets

UI library built on top of firebase services

A free, open source, complete, rapid development package for creating Social apps, Chat apps, Community(Forum) apps, Shopping mall apps, and much more based on Firebase.

Type safe validation controller with base validators. Allows to manage validation state manually or validate when reactive value changes.

Una librería que implementa el proceso de creación de token en Culqi

*SDUI* make it easy to implement Server Driven UI pattern on flutter. - The server decides what to render by describing in a JSON the widgets to render. - The Flutter screen parse the JSON and build t [...]

Client of contact management system. Providing contact form widget. The widget can be customized and interlocked by the management service.

Sign in with email for the Serverpod auth module.

Cloudipsp SDK for Mobile(Android, iOS). The only way to accept payment with Fondy service on Flutter platform for mobiles.

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