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retrofit.dart is an dio client generator using source_gen and inspired by Chopper and Retrofit.

Dio HTTP cache interceptor with multiple stores respecting HTTP directives (or not).

A flutter plugin that let's you communicate with the spotify sdk and auth lib

Plugin for error catching. Allows handling errors when they're not catched by developer. Plugin provides multiple handlers for errors.

A simple to use mocking package for Dio intended to be used in tests. It provides various types and methods to declaratively mock request-response communication.

An http interceptor for token refresh. Fresh is built on top of package:dio and manages authentication tokens transparently.

A cookie manager for Dio, which supports persistent cookies in RAM and file.

A WordPress REST API client for dart with support for WooCommerce and custom namespaces.

Similar to gql_http_link, gql_dio_link is a GQL Terminating Link to execute requests via Dio using JSON

Appwrite is an open-source self-hosted backend server that abstract and simplify complex and repetitive development tasks behind a very simple REST API

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