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Kartal is an extension package for easy to use at app development time. You can access more features with primitive variables(context, string etc.).

A search page built for minimal work and good performance. Enjoy.

Stream Chat official Flutter SDK. Build your own chat experience using Dart and Flutter.

Create customized Containers/Buttons/TextFields/Texts/RichTexts in a few lines. Navigate between Screens and open BottomSheets/Dialogs/Snackbars without context and more!

A library of geographical entities, their metadata, and relationships. Provides a basic, and an earth, library with methods for finding the nearest entity and measuring distances.

A new flutter plugin project.

An animated SearchAppBar library that makes it easy to control the search for any type of data in a list of elements.

Plugin to create payment identifiers, process payments and verify the status of a payment through the Khipu Platform.

Provider prebuilt services and components to help reduce boilerplate code and build a Flutter app as fast and simplest way.

A Flutter Country Picker Widget with support to country dialing codes.

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