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Dart common utils library.Contain DateUtil, EncryptUtil, JsonUtil, LogUtil, MoneyUtil, NumUtil, ObjectUtil, RegexUtil, TextUtil, TimelineUtil, TimerUtil.

A library to convert Dart values into human-friendly representations.

Charts Library for Flutter, written in Dart with Flutter. Allows to create line chart and bar chart by specifying data as a simple array.

A flutter plugin to launch UPI payment applications on Android and iOS towards making UPI payments.

Currency TextField formatter and utilities for converting between text and currency amounts.

A mathematical and boolean expression evaluator, ported from

web3dart wrapper.

A stellar blockchain sdk that query's horizon, build, signs and submits transactions to the stellar network.

Calculate measures of central tendency, position and dispersion for grouped and ungrouped data.

A library for AngularDart developers. This library will implement several key components for the fast development of web applications with AngularDart.

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