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FSM2 provides an implementation of the core design aspects of the UML state diagrams allowing both declarative transitions and dynamic transitions along with Guard Conditions.

Provides a simple means of saving/loading settings from a yaml file without the yaml fuss.

A flexible Dart bytecode compiler and runtime written in Dart, enabling code push for AOT Dart apps.

A library for manipulating pubspec.yaml files

Flutter Translation Sheet (fts) is a simple tool to help you with localization (l10n), using automatic GoogleSheet translations via (GTranslate), generating json, arb and dart files.

Simple library for viewing and controlling docker images and containers.

Automates the release of a dart package to including running dartfmt, creating a git tag, incrementing the packages version no. and pushing the package to

Exposes the POSIX api on OSx and Linux

Change Application's name, package name, icon and Splash in one shot.


Reads project secrets stored encrypted on the local filesystem

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