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A simple implementation of an Ordered Set for Dart that allows multiple items with the same priority.

A lightweight and platform-aware plugin for showing dialogs and alerts for both Android and iOS devices.

This package provides widgets for input fields. Each widget can be used standalone or with the integrated form.

Extension on ConstantReader enabling the retrieval of generic compile-time constants. Streamlines reading constants of type List, Map, Set, as well as Dart enums.

Haskell-inspired functionality for Dart. Provides useful types and syntaxes for more concise, functional-style programming.

Abstraction of HTML5 History API for use in any environment. Control session history with ease!

Phoenix Channel client for Dart

Provides iterables that implements the ChangeNotifier class.

A dart package for integration m4e payments into flutter and dart applications

A scaffold for game projects, taking care of server implementation and some general events

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