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An API and dev environment for writing console (cli) apps/scripts using dart. e.g. allows you to build bash style scripts with dart.

Create beautiful and powerful CLI prompts in Inquirer.js style and test them.

A collection of customizable interactive command-line components.

CLI package manager and template for Flutter. Generate Modules, Pages, Widgets, BLoCs, MobX, Triple and more.

This is something of a clone/work-alike of the JavaScript debug package by TJ Holowaychuck at Use: import 'package:debug/debug.dart'; final debug = Debug('any

A CLI package that helps you to start a project, maintain and generate new pages, controllers, modules with flutter_modular. Using the Clean architecture or MVC architecture

An experimental test runner for Dart & Flutter, designed for iterative workflows.

A command-line application for managing flutter unity at scale.

Release tool for multi app flutter projects

Dart CLI template generator and package manager for flutter, generate MVC, MVVM and MVU patterns.

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