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A predictable state management library that helps implement the BLoC (Business Logic Component) design pattern.

MobX is a library for reactively managing the state of your applications. Use the power of observables, actions, and reactions to supercharge your Dart and Flutter apps.

A crash reporting library for Dart that sends crash reports to This library supports Dart VM and Web. For Flutter consider sentry_flutter instead.

ValueNotifier, but outside Flutter and with some extra perks

A unified form representation in Dart which aims to simplify form representation and validation in a generic way.

A pure Dart library that checks for internet by opening a socket to a list of specified addresses, each with individual port and timeout. Defaults are provided for convenience.

Contains info about current platform such as Build mode and Operating system.

A full featured library for writing and running Dart tests across platforms.

Jiffy is a date dart package inspired by momentjs for parsing, manipulating and formatting dates

A simple implementation of an Ordered Set for Dart that allows multiple items with the same priority.

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