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🛠 A package absorbing all Flutter utility functions, including extension functions and commonly used widgets

Dart extension methods for Iterable and List. You can easily sum, count elements and many more.

The most customisable bottom sliding panel you can find on Just as you want it!

Moor is a safe and reactive persistence library for Dart applications

Rive 2 Flutter Runtime. This package provides runtime functionality for playing back and interacting with animations built with the Rive editor available at

Easily make Flutter apps responsive. Automatically adapt UI to different screen sizes. Responsiveness made simple.

Advanced video player based on video_player and Chewie. It's solves many typical use cases and it's easy to run.

Annotations for the freezed code-generator. This package does nothing without freezed too.

A portable Markdown library written in Dart that can parse Markdown into HTML.

A library for checking if given point(s) is present inside Polygon or not.

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