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A 'dart:html' that works in all platforms, including Flutter and server-side. Eases cross-platform development and HTML / XML processing.

A fluent, builder-based library for generating valid Dart code

Superpowers for Dart. Collection of useful static extension methods.

A Dart mocking library which simplifies mocking with null safety support and no manual mocks or code generation.

Flutter package for generating palette colors from a source image.

Versions and version constraints implementing pub's versioning policy. This is very similar to vanilla semver, with a few corner cases.

Low-level link (text, URLs, emails) parsing library in Dart.

The Syncfusion Flutter DataGrid is used to display and manipulate data in a tabular view. Its rich feature set includes different types of columns, selections, column sizing, etc.

Supercharged brings all the comfort features from languages like Kotlin to all Dart developers.

A port in dart of the youtube explode library. Supports several API functions without the need of Youtube API Key.

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