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CARP context sampling package. Samples location, mobility, activity, weather, air-quality, and geofence.

CARP health sampling package. Samples health data from Apple Health or Google Fit.

CARP survey sampling package. Samples survey data from the Flutter Research Package.

CARP connectivity sampling package. Samples connectivity status, bluetooth devices, and wifi access points.

CARP data backend for CARP mobile sensing. Supports uploading json to CARP as either zipped filed or as plain json in collections.

The CARP eSense sampling package. Samples sensor and device events from the eSense ear plug device.

CARP communication sampling package. Samples phone, sms, and calendar logs and activity.

CARP Mobile Sensing data backend for uploading data to Google Firebase.

CARP Audio Sampling Package. Samples audio recording and noise.

Flutter API for accessing the CARP web services - authentication, file management, data points, and app-specific collections of documents.

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