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Generate more helpful exceptions when decoding YAML documents using package:json_serializable and package:yaml.

Automatically generate code for converting to and from JSON by annotating Dart classes.

Calculate common statistical values for a set of numbers: max, min, mean, median, standard deviation, and standard error.

Simple package for parsing pubspec.yaml files with a type-safe API and rich error reporting.

Auxiliary classes for reliably running a periodic task in a long-running process such as web-server.

A package:build compatible builder for generating request routers for the shelf web-framework based on source annotations.

FaaS (Function as a service) framework for writing portable Dart functions

Update your GitHub gh-pages branch with the compiled output of your Dart web app. Supports 'pub build' and the new 'pub run build_runner'.

A static HTTP file server for easy local hosting of a directory.

A builder for extracting a package version into code.

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