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Audio support for the Flame game engine. This containst all audio related code will live in the future, using the audioplayers package.

Flutter package to play voice message in chats.

Easy UI sounds to directly use in your app through mis develop sound library database

official sdk for v chat this is a complete chat ecosystem use flutter for clint node js and socket io for server side flutter chat v chat sdk

A Flutter framework for cognitive testing. Contains 14 pre-defined cognitive tests and an API for creating your own.

A weird Flutter widgets package made by XPEHO mobile for the best and also the worst.

Text to Speech from Azure. A Flutter package that interacts with the Azure Cognitive Services REST API to convert text to speech.

A draft js renderer written in Dart! You can easily render your draft js object in Flutter!

A UIKit from Kitcod.

A Flutter 2D RPG Game Engine On Web & Android & IOS.

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