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Flutter package for viewing Fbx 3d animated files with textures, basic lights, colors.

echoAR is a 3D-ready cloud platform helps manage & deliver AR/VR content to apps & devices everywhere. This is a plugin which makes it easier to get your assets from echoAR.

🎨 Color constants represented by color names from

Package dsqlite provides a driver implement of sqlite3 for package database_sql. The sql package must be used in conjunction with package database_sql.

A library for create Excel XLSX file


A dart package for Japan Post official postal code, a.k.a zip code, search and update.

A flutter and dart library for creating, editing and updating excel sheets with compatible both on client and server side.

An API and command line tool for finding and scoring legal Scrabble words

Tencent Real-Time Communication

Base for developing command line apps. Take from Flutter Tools.

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