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A dart package for Japan Post official postal code, a.k.a zip code, search and update.

Ozzie is your testing friend. Ozzie will take an screenshot during integration tests whenever you need. Ozzie will capture performance reports for you.


🎨 Color constants represented by color names from

a word document template plugin to easily populate and generate word documents from templates

A build script for compiling Protocol Buffers without needing to manually install protoc or the protoc_plugin.

A Dart library that directly reads Photoshop PSD files. Supports limited export functionality.

DSwitch is a cli tool that allows you to rapidly switch between channels and versions of Dart. You can also pin a channel to a specific version.

echoAR is a 3D-ready cloud platform helps manage & deliver AR/VR content to apps & devices everywhere. This is a plugin which makes it easier to get your assets from echoAR.

Unofficial EU Digital Green Certificate validation SDK for Flutter apps

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