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A simple way to automatically update release/installation files in a local directory.

Auto-generation of screenshots for Apple and Play Stores using emulators, simulators and real devices. Includes support for multiple locales and framing. Compatible with fastlane.

Evaluate the health and quality of a Dart package

Tool to generate project templates for any programming language or framework.

A database synchronization framework where each client's local offline database can be synchronized on-demand via network into a single centralized database hosted on a server.

Package for performing a mailmerge operation on merge fields within a DOCX document

KeepassX format implementation in pure dart. (kdbx 3.x and 4.x support).

A library of geographical entities, their metadata, and relationships. Provides a basic, and an earth, library with methods for finding the nearest entity and measuring distances.

Epub Parser for Dart. Suitable for use on the Server, the Web, or in Flutter

A Dart/Flutter package for working with FHIR bulk data. Also includes ability to archive.

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