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Automatically get your OS defined Theme (Dynamic), force your prefered one (Light / Dark) and persist your choice in the device.

Generate light and dark color schemes to help you theme an app.

A theme manager for light, dark, and system themes. Change the theme dynamically and the selected theme will be persisted.

Dynamically change your color theme, including light and dark mode. Persist the colors across restarts.

Flutter skeleton screen for Android and iOS. Support List, Card and Card-List style. Support light and dark theme.

The themed package lets you define a theme with const values, and then, by using some dark Dart magic, go and change them dynamically anyway.

A package containing ready to use widgets for switching between dark and light theme

A flutter plugin for persisting the theme data. Support for Dark Mode.

Basic theme selection for dart-board, allows changing between dark/light themes programmatically or through a /theme route.

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