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Persistent user authentication for Flutter with optional backend API integration.

HTML elements and other resources for web-based applications that need to interact with the browser and the DOM (Document Object Model).

Flutter plugin for Firebase Auth, enabling Android and iOS authentication using passwords, phone numbers and identity providers like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Flutter plugin for Android and iOS devices to allow local authentication via fingerprint, touch ID, face ID, passcode, pin, or pattern.

The Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) enables developers to acquire tokens from the Microsoft identity platform in order to authenticate users and access secured

Dart http middleware for HTTP Basic and Digest authentication

Provides the ability to lock the screen on ios and android. Biometric authentication can be used in addition to passcode.

A Flutter OAuth package for performing user authentication against Azure Active Directory OAuth2 v2.0 endpoint.

An http interceptor for token refresh. Fresh is built on top of package:dio and manages authentication tokens transparently.

An easy-to-use firebase phone authentication package to easily send and verify OTP's with auto-fetch OTP support via SMS. Supports web out of the box.

Flutter plugin for Google Sign-In, a secure authentication system for signing in with a Google account on Android and iOS.

Cryptographic algorithms for encryption, digital signatures, key agreement, authentication, and hashing. AES, Chacha20, ED25519, X25519, and more. Web Crypto support.

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