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A flutter utility to easily create flavors in your flutter application

Flutter Android iOS

The Syncfusion Flutter Date Range Picker widget allows users to easily select dates or a range of dates. It has built-in views that allow quick navigation to the desired date.

Flutter Android iOS web

Another icon library, based on Awesome Line Icons (by and with the help of

Flutter Android iOS web

The Line Awesome Icons pack for flutter. Provides 1542 additional icons to use in your apps.

Flutter Android iOS web

The Font Awesome Icon pack available as Flutter Icons. Provides 1500 additional icons to use in your apps.

Flutter Android iOS web

(Flutter Xlider) A material design slider and range slider, horizontal and vertical, with RTL support and lots of options and customizations for flutter

Flutter Android iOS web

A download tool library that supports resumable downloading and segmented downloading.

Dart native
Flutter Android iOS

Lazy and efficient 'range' iterables to generate values based on start, stop and step/count.

Dart native js
Flutter Android iOS web

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