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Flutter plugin to read, create, update, delete and observe native contacts on Android and iOS, with group support, vCard support, and contact permission handling

A Flutter package to parse text and make them into multiple Flutter Text widget.

Share an email to device Email - Client supports multiple Attachments

A Flutter package to create easy create loading card between two colors

Validating: Phone, Name, PostalCode, Email, URL, Currency, IP Address, Date, Time, HTMLTags, Password (Strong), Password (Medium), Credit Card. for Dart/Flutter Developers.

Turns text URLs and emails into clickable inline links in text for Flutter.

Image Editor Plugin with filters, drawing, text and emoji like stories.

a lightweight gesture detector that supports multiple types(Tap, DoubleTap, Scale, Long-Press, Move) and all callbacks can be used simultaneously

A easy dart package to decode JSON Web Tokens, and to check and give its expiry dates

Make Onetime, Subscription and Pre-approval payments with your Flutter Mobile App through PayHere!

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