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flutter ORM Lib.

中文版 #

Introduction #

It is an ORM database solution by annotation method which is based on source_gen

Usage #

1.Create entity file which names *_entity.dart,then will generate database operation file which names *.entity.dao.dart after compilation.

entity file:     student_entity.dart
generated databse file :   student_entity.dao.dart

2.Use @Entity to annotate entity class; use nameInDb property to define the database table name of entity class; use propertyList to define the columns name in table which must be correspond to the property name of the entity class.And the type of propertyList is List

class StudentEntity{
   String name;

3.Entity class must has primary key, and define the property as primary key by the code isPrimary=true in @Property annotation

class StudentEntity{
      String name;
      int id;

4.Using the command to create database operation file in the command-line:

flutter packages pub run build_runner build

5.The gennereated databse operation file includes the CURD methods after compilation.And you should init database when use in project

///import database manager class
import 'package:yun_dao/db_manager.dart';

///pass the params include vesion,path,name to init databse. DBManager is a singleton
DBManager dBManager = DBManager();

///you can also use default path to init database.The method to get default path is `getDatabasesPath()`

6.Call the method init() of genearated database operation file to create a table in project.However,the method would judge whether create a new table.Then you can don't be afraid of creating repeated tables.


7.Next,it's convenient to execute CURD operation in databse.And the all operation methods is static.


8.Also you can select data by query builder

List list = await StudentEntityDao.queryBuild()

Install #

      yun_dao: 0.0.3

Example #