yaml 2.1.12

A parser for YAML.

Use loadYaml to load a single document, or loadYamlStream to load a stream of documents. For example:

import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';

main() {
  var doc = loadYaml("YAML: YAML Ain't Markup Language");

This library currently doesn't support dumping to YAML. You should use JSON.encode from dart:convert instead:

import 'dart:convert';
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';

main() {
  var doc = loadYaml("YAML: YAML Ain't Markup Language");

2.1.12 #

  • Properly refuse mappings with duplicate keys.

2.1.11 #

  • Fix an infinite loop when parsing some invalid documents.

2.1.10 #

  • Support string_scanner 1.0.0.

2.1.9 #

  • Fix all strong-mode warnings.

2.1.8 #

  • Remove the dependency on path, since we don't actually import it.

2.1.7 #

  • Fix more strong mode warnings.

2.1.6 #

  • Fix two analysis issues with DDC's strong mode.

2.1.5 #

  • Fix a bug with 2.1.4 where source span information was being discarded for scalar values.

2.1.4 #

  • Substantially improve performance.

2.1.3 #

  • Add a hint that a colon might be missing when a mapping value is found in the wrong context.

2.1.2 #

  • Fix a crashing bug when parsing block scalars.

2.1.1 #

  • Properly scope SourceSpans for scalar values surrounded by whitespace.

2.1.0 #

  • Rewrite the parser for a 10x speed improvement.

  • Support anchors and aliases (&foo and *foo).

  • Support explicit tags (e.g. !!str). Note that user-defined tags are still not fully supported.

  • %YAML and %TAG directives are now parsed, although again user-defined tags are not fully supported.

  • YamlScalar, YamlList, and YamlMap now expose the styles in which they were written (for example plain vs folded, block vs flow).

  • A yamlWarningCallback field is exposed. This field can be used to customize how YAML warnings are displayed.

2.0.1+1 #

  • Fix an import in a test.

  • Widen the version constraint on the collection package.

2.0.1 #

  • Fix a few lingering references to the old Span class in documentation and tests.

2.0.0 #

  • Switch from source_maps' Span class to source_span's SourceSpan class.

  • For consistency with source_span and string_scanner, all sourceName parameters have been renamed to sourceUrl. They now accept Urls as well as Strings.

1.1.1 #

  • Fix broken type arguments that caused breakage on dart2js.

  • Fix an analyzer warning in yaml_node_wrapper.dart.

1.1.0 #

  • Add new publicly-accessible constructors for YamlNode subclasses. These constructors make it possible to use the same API to access non-YAML data as YAML data.

  • Make YamlException inherit from source_map's [SpanFormatException][]. This improves the error formatting and allows callers access to source range information.

1.0.0+1 #

  • Fix a variable name typo.

1.0.0 #

  • Backwards incompatibility: The data structures returned by loadYaml and loadYamlStream are now immutable.

  • Backwards incompatibility: The interface of the YamlMap class has changed substantially in numerous ways. External users may no longer construct their own instances.

  • Maps and lists returned by loadYaml and loadYamlStream now contain information about their source locations.

  • A new loadYamlNode function returns the source location of top-level scalars as well.

0.10.0 #

  • Improve error messages when a file fails to parse.

0.9.0+2 #

  • Ensure that maps are order-independent when used as map keys.

0.9.0+1 #

  • The YamlMap class is deprecated. In a future version, maps returned by loadYaml and loadYamlStream will be Dart HashMaps with a custom equality operation.

Use this package as a library

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  yaml: ^2.1.12

2. Install it

You can install packages from the command line:

with pub:

$ pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
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