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Scgateway Flutter plugin.

Scgateway Flutter plugin. #

Minimum Versions #

Platform Version
flutter >=1.20.0
android minSdkVersion 21
ios ios 11.0

Getting Started #

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  scgateway_flutter_plugin: ^1.0.0

From the terminal: Run

flutter pub get

Android setup #

add these lines in AndroidManifest.xml in the main <application /> tag

<activity android:name="com.smallcase.gateway.screens.transaction.activity.TransactionProcessActivity">
    <action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" />

    <category android:name="android.intent.category.BROWSABLE" />
    <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
      android:scheme="scgateway" />

Replace "{YOUR_HOST_NAME}" with unique host name which is given to every integration partners.

Flutter interface #

The plugin exports all its methods with one default import. Import it using

import 'package:{scgateway_flutter_plugin}/scgateway_flutter_plugin.dart';

Setting up sdk for a transaction. #

To start using gateway setup the gateway with the desired configuration by calling setConfigEnvironment method which is available as a static method of ScgatewayFlutterPlugin class.

ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.setConfigEnvironment(enviroment, gateway_name, leprechaun_mode, isAmoEnabled)

Params : environment - (Required) This defines the Url environment to which all the gateway apis would point to.

ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.GatewayEnvironment {

gateway_name - (Required) This is a unique name given to every gateway consumer. leprechaun_mode-(Optional) For Testing purpose pass it as true else false. isAmoEnabled-(Optional) For Testing purpose pass it as true else false.

User Initialisation #

User initialization starts a session between the distributor and the gateway. Whenever there is a change in user session.


Params : authToken - (Required) JWT with the information of user signed using a shared secret between smallcase API and gateway backend.

Trigger Transaction #

To start a transaction call triggerGatewayTransaction method which is available as a static method of ScgatewayFlutterPlugin class.


Params : transactionId - (Required) Transaction id to create a the transaction.

NOTE TransactionId creation process remains same using Gateway backend APIs. Read more about transaction Id at Creating Transactions #

Lead Gen #

To trigger lead gen call triggerLeadGen method which is available as a static method on ScgatewayFlutterPlugin class.

 ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.leadGen(name, email, contact, pincode);

Params : name: (Optional) Nname ff the User. email: (Optional) Email of the User. contact: (Optional) Contact number of the User. pinCode: (Optional) PIN code of the User.