resource_manager 1.0.3

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Library of resource manager.

resource_manager #

This is a library of Flutter for resource manager works as similar as what Android does. It works with JSON file.



How to use #

  1. Use initBaseResources(double devicePixelRatio, String baseResourceFile) to init the base resources from JSON file.

使用initBaseResources(double devicePixelRatio, String baseResourceFile)从指定JSON文件初始化基础资源。

eg.,initBaseResources(window.devicePixelRatio, 'res/values.json')

  1. Use getResources(String jsonFile) to get resources from JSON file.

使用getResources(String jsonFile)从JSON文件获取资源。

eg., getResources('res/example.json')

  1. Use getXXX(String name, {Resources fromResources, Set<String> soughtNames}) to get the resource by name.

使用getXXX(String name, {Resources fromResources, Set<String> soughtNames})获取指定名称资源。

JSON file #

The JSON file for resources has nodes named dimens, colors, drawable, strings, integers, doubles.

资源JSON文件的节点有 dimens, colors, drawable, strings, integers, doubles

eg., value.json

    "dimens": {
        "h1_text_size": "32dp",
        "h2_text_size": "24dp",
        "h3_text_size": "19dp",
        "h4_text_size": "16dp",
        "h5_text_size": "14dp",
        "h6_text_size": "13dp"
    "colors": {
        "black": "#000000",
        "FireBrick": "#B22222",
        "DeepPink": "#FF1493",
        "Gold": "#FFD700",
        "OliveDrab": "#6B8E23",
        "Lime": "#00FF00",
        "RoyalBlue": "#4169E1",
        "DarkOrchid": "#9932CC"
    "drawable": {
        "logo": "graphics/FlutterDart.png"
    "strings": {
        "string 1": "base string 1"
    "integers": {
        "integer 1": 10,
        "integer 2": 20
    "doubles": {
        "double 1": 30.3,
        "double 2": 40

And example.json

    "dimens": {
        "example_text_size": "@dimen/to base h2",
        "to base h2": "@dimen/h2_text_size",
        "color_bar_height": "30dp",
        "color_bar_padding": "5dp",
        "list_padding": "20dp",
        "gap": "50dp",
        "shown dp": "50dp",
        "shown px": "50px"
    "colors": {
        "As FireBrick": "@color/to base fire brick",
        "to base fire brick": "@color/FireBrick",
        "H1 color": "@color/RoyalBlue",
        "H2 color": "@color/RoyalBlue",
        "H3 color": "@color/RoyalBlue",
        "H4 color": "@color/RoyalBlue",
        "H5 color": "@color/RoyalBlue",
        "H6 color": "@color/RoyalBlue",
        "image label color": "@color/DarkOrchid",
        "num label color": "@color/Gold",
        "pixel label color": "@color/Lime",
        "string label color": "@color/OliveDrab"
    "drawable": {
        "logo": "graphics/flutter.PNG"
    "strings": {
        "string 1": "example string 1"
    "integers": {
        "integer 1": "@integer/integer 3",
        "integer 2": 21,
        "integer 3": "@integer/integer 1"
    "doubles": {
        "double 1": "@double/double 1",
        "double 2": 41

Value can be a string with prefix, such @dimen/, @color/, @drawable/, @string/, @integer/ and @double/, and then refer to another resource. If the resource can't be find in the referred resources, it would keep looking for the resource in the base resources.

值可以是有 @dimen/, @color/, @drawable/, @string/, @integer/@double/ 为前缀的字符串,指向其他资源。当在指定资源文件中找不到指定名称资源时,继续在基础资源文件中寻找。

Methods for getting resource #

  1. Dimen: getDimension(String name, {Resources fromResources, Set<String> soughtNames})

  2. Color: getColor(String name, {Resources fromResources, Set<String> soughtNames})

  3. Drawable: getDrawable(String name, {Resources fromResources, Set<String> soughtNames})

  4. String: getString(String name, {Resources fromResources, Set<String> soughtNames})

  5. Integer: getInteger(String name, {Resources fromResources, Set<String> soughtNames})

  6. Double: getDouble(String name, {Resources fromResources, Set<String> soughtNames})

If optional parameter fromResources is ignored, then the methods would try to get resources from base resource file.


Ignore optional parameter soughtNames, please.