redstone 0.5.21+1

outdated Dart 2 incompatible

A metadata driven microframework for Dart

Redstone #

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Redstone is a server-side, metadata driven micro-framework for Dart.

How does it work?

Redstone.dart allows you to easily publish your functions and classes through a web interface, by just adding some annotations to them.

import 'package:redstone/server.dart' as app;

helloWorld() => "Hello, World!";

main() {

Want to know more?

Check out our wiki! :)


Redstone.dart was created by Luiz Henrique Farcic Mineo. On April 11th 2015, it was announced that Luiz would no longer be able to maintain this project. The community soon took to the issue tracker to plan a way to keep development up. Along with Luiz, decisions were made to put the entire project into the hands of the community.