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A Library to create a multiple choice and yes/no type questions CLI Wizard in dart

question_asker_bm #

This library can be used to create a multiple choice and yes/no type question wizard CLI in dart

Usage #

Import the package #

To use this library, follow the library installation instructions.

Use the Library #

Add the following import to your Dart code:

import 'package:question_asker_bm/question_asker_bm.dart';

Instantiate Asker class with the scopes you want:

final asker = new Asker();

List of Methods you can use: #

1. askMultiple(question,options)

     a) First argument is the question to ask
     b) Second argument is the list of answers(options) for the given question
    *Note*: This function returns the option selected by the user

2. askBinary(question)

    => Takes an argument as the question to ask
    *Note*: This function return either TRUE or FALSE based on the value selected by the user. 
            a) This returns true if user type y or yes 
            b) This returns flase if user type f or false 

You can now use the Asker class to use the methods in your Dart code, e.g.

void main()
            //craete a list of Options for a given question
            final options = [new Option('I like Green', '#00ff00'),
                            new Option('I like White', '#FFFFFF')];

            //creating the object of Asker class
            final asker = new Asker();

            //Asking a multiple choice quesition along with passing the options for the question
            String choosenAns = asker.askMultiple('What color do you like?', options);

            //asking a binary type means Yes or No type Question    
            bool ansBinary = asker.askBinary('Do you like This Lib?');

            //displaying the result choosen by the user
            print(choosenAns);  //#00ff00 or #FFFFFF
            print(ansBinary);   //true or false
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A Library to create a multiple choice and yes/no type questions CLI Wizard in dart

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