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A new Flutter package for web services.

ocwebservice #

Flutter API calling package

Getting Started #

Add Package into your project #

  ocwebservice: ^0.0.1

Basic api response structure #

//Suppose a URL(http://www.mysimple.com/api/sayhello) return bellow response.
    "success": true,
    "message": "request successful",
    "data": {
              "email": "me@webapi.com",
              "name": "JOWEL"
// This is basic structure for API response, data can be a list or dictionary.   

Code Example #

First create a model class

        class SimpleModel {
            String name;
            String email;
            //Create Factory method for make instance from Dic
            factory SimpleModel.fromJson(Map<String,dynamic> dic) {
                return SimpleModel(name: dic['name', email: dic['email']]);

Next, create APIResponse class . For that every api response class need to extends OCAPIResponse

      //when data is a List of Dictionary/map
      class SimpleAPIResponse extends OCAPIResponse<List<SimpleModel>> {
          List<SimpleModel> convertDataToModel(data) {
           // here data is now a list of map
            List<SimpleModel> simpleModelList = List<SimpleModel>();
            List<dynamic> dataList = data;
           // so, let's cast it & loop through the map 
           // convert the map into SimpleModel object & Add into list
            return simpleModelList; // 

      //when data is a Dictionary/map
      class SimpleAPIResponse extends OCAPIResponse<SimpleModel> {
          SimpleModel convertDataToModel(data) {
            // create model instance from data and return model instance
            return SimpleModel.fromJson(data); // in api response , data is Dictionary. 
            // It can be a list also 

Now let's create an API EndPoint for (http://www.mysimple.com/api/sayhello) url. Here, 'http://www.mysimple.com/api/' this is base api url 'sayhello' is path A standard structure of EndPoint be path, requestType, body params if post request, headers Let's see How can we make a OCEndPoint instance for sayhello api.

 OCEndPoint sayHelloEndPoint = OCEndPoint(path: "sayhello",requestType: OCRequestType.POST,needAuth: false);
//It has few more parameters, Please check OCEndPoint class

Final step is to make a OCWebService instance by passing endpoint & api response instance Call OCwebService fetch() method for extecute the request . fetch is Future class so, you can use it directly in FutureWidget . You will get your mode data by ocwebservice.response.model this model is actually the model you have passed in repose class

void test() async {
  OCWebService<OCEndPoint, SimpleAPIResponse> sayHelloWebService = makeOCWebService<SimpleAPIResponse>(sayHelloEndPoint, SimpleAPIResponse());
  //Call fetch method for start network request
  await sayHelloWebService.fetch();
  //Your model class instance you will get 
  sayHelloWebService.response.model.email; // SimpleModel
  sayHelloWebService.response; //message, success you will get from here 
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A new Flutter package for web services.

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