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Another icon library, based on Awesome Line Icons (by and with the help of

Flutter LineIcons #

Just another bunch of beautiful icons to use #

I love Material icons. I really do. But, somehow, I suddenly felt tired of them. So I took a look around and found a wonderful set of icons by Icons8. And best of all... for free! (See the Good Boy Licence).

Yeah, what a wonderful world and so on, but, writing down all those nasty codes into Dart constants? No way!

And FlutterIcon just came out of the blue! It made all the dirty work for me.

I started to use this library in my projects, and they really seemed nice. So I asked to myself: why not publishing it for others to enjoy? After all, in all this process, I was indeed assisted by many people who decided not keeping the icons for themselves and helping others with a piece of software they had no need to share with me or anyone else.

So, thank you Icons8 and FlutterIcon!

Documentation #

The font

From the font to the class

From the class to the package

Line, clean, icons #

Imagine a cross-over: Windows10 style and Awesome inspiration. Well, stop dreaming! You got plenty of beautiful icons to choose from for your Android app (not tested in iOS yet, sorry). I'd rather like this set over Material, and I find much easier to find the icon I'm looking for in [Icons8](( than in the Material Icons page.

Let's give it a try #


Include line_icons in your pubspec.yaml file:

    sdk: flutter
  url_launcher: ^0.1.0

If your IDE doesn't do it automatically, type:

flutter packages get


Import the package in your dart file and use Icon to get the actual icon widget:

Icon _icon = Icon(LineIcons.code);


GitHub source code #

If you're interested on the code (feel free to modify it anyway you want), you can find it here:


pub points

Another icon library, based on Awesome Line Icons (by and with the help of



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Packages that depend on line_icons