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json #

Examples to demonstrate how to implement JSON routes using Jaguar web framework.

Parsing JSON request #

Context object provides bodyAsJson, bodyAsJsonMap and bodyAsJsonList methods to deserialize JSON requests into built-in Dart objects. convert parameters of bodyAsJson and bodyAsJsonList can be further used to convert built-in Dart object into desired Dart object.'/addition', (Context ctx) async {
    AddInput input = await ctx.bodyAsJson(convert: AddInput.fromMap);
    return input.a + input.b;

Writing JSON response #

JSON variants of HTTP methods like getJson, postJson, putJson and deleteJson automatically serializes the returned result into JSON.

  server.postJson('/all', (Context ctx) async {
    AddInput inp = await ctx.bodyAsJson(convert: AddInput.fromMap);
    return AllResults(addition: inp.a + inp.b, subtraction: inp.a - inp.b);

In Controllers use GetJson, PostJson, DeleteJson and PutJson annotations instead.

Client #

The example also includes a client to test run the server.

$> dart bin/client.dart
{addition: 25, subtraction: 5}

Postman collection #

The example also includes a Postman collection to test run the server.


Changelog #

2.1.1 #

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