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A ListView where list items can be grouped into sections. With sticky headers.

Grouped list package for Flutter #

A Flutter ListView in which list items can be grouped to sections.


  • All fields from ListView.builder constructor available.
  • List Items can be separated in groups.
  • For the groups an individual header can be set.
  • Sticky Headers. Option to stick top header at the top.
  • Option to sort the groups.

Getting Started #

Add the package to your pubspec.yaml:

 grouped_list: ^2.0.2

In your dart file, import the library:

import 'package:grouped_list/grouped_list.dart';

Instead of using a ListView create a GroupedListView Widget:

    elements: _elements,
    groupBy: (element) => element['group'],
    groupSeparatorBuilder: _buildGroupSeparator,
    itemBuilder: (context, element) => Text(element['name']),
    order: GroupedListOrder.ASC,

You can also use most fields from the ListView.builder constructor.

Required Parameters:

  • elements: A list of the data you want to display in the list.
  • groupBy: Function which maps an element to its grouped value.
  • itemBuilder: Function which returns an Widget which defines the item.
  • groupSeparator: Function which returns an Widget which defines the section separator.
Widget _buildGroupSeparator(dynamic groupByValue) {
  return Text('$groupByValue');

The parameter groupByValue has the return type of the defined groupBy function.

Optional Parameters:

  • useStickyGroupSeparators. If set to true the top groupSeparator will stick on top. Default is false.
  • order: By default it's GroupedListOrder.ASC. Change to GroupedListOrder.DESC for reversing the group sorting.
  • separator: A Widget which defines a separator between items inside a section.
  • sort: A bool which defines if the passed data should be sorted by the widget. By default it's true.

Notice: #

  • The item builder functions only creates the actual list items. For seperator items use the separator parameter.
  • Other than the itemBuilder function of the ListView.builder constructor the function provides the specific element instead of the index as parameter.
  • The elements need to be sorted according to the groupBy return value. The Widgets sorts the elements by default. Disable the sorting only if your list is sorted beforehand.
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A ListView where list items can be grouped into sections. With sticky headers.

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