frame_animate_widget 1.1.0
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frame animation.

frame_animation_widget #

flutter 实现帧动画

Getting Started #

This project is a starting point for a Flutter application.

how to use #

💻 添加依赖 在 pubspec.yaml中添加:

    frame_animate_widget: ^1.0.0




  //list  图片帧集合,
  //interval 切帧时间,
  FrameAnimationImage(list, width: 220, height: 200, interval: 50)


  final GlobalKey<FrameAnimationImageState> _key = new GlobalKey<FrameAnimationImageState>();

  //start: false 此时要告诉widget 开始不播放动画
  FrameAnimationImage(_key, list,
                width: 220, height: 200, interval: 50, start: false)

  //控制 widget 开始/继续;结束;重新开始  播放帧

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